Our democracy has remained vibrant for more than two hundred and thirty years, In part because the founding fathers intentionally sought to fashion our system of government to pit leaders who shared common ideals against each other, in hope no one individual or party, would dominate political debate or public policy. Till the appointment of George W. Bush by the Supreme Court, America was well served by the sometimes hyperbolic opposition of the two party system.

Which is why I disagree with fellow democrats who insist the continued scandals of its currents leaders hurts the GOP, Right wing extremist Rush Limbaugh observed of Mark Sanford, “He could have been our JFK” Which explains why in my opinion the ruination of another two bit apostate evangelical, can only help conservatives and republicans in the long run.

According to the first lady, Philandering South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is so completely detached from reality and the principles of scripture, he sought permission from his wife to see his mistress, and today we learn despite polls that indicate most folk in South Carolina think Governor Sanford should resign from office. After prayerful consideration the Governor announced that while he initially considered stepping down, after prayer, reflection and consultation with “Christian” elders and political confidents, the two term chief executive says he intends to finish out his term.

The troubles republicans face today began in the late 1980’s when evangelical leaders began a successful grass roots effort to take over the GOP. While most rank and file born again Christians are sincere disciples and practice what they preach, History teaches the majority of evangelical leaders are little more than spiritual pedophiles eager to exploit and manipulate the flock to cultivate power and wealth. The economic meltdown we suffered, the war based on lies costing so much in blood and treasure were both a direct consequence of one party having fallen under the pernicious influence of those who profess themselves to be morally and ethically superior.  

To remain a viable national party and serve as counter balance in our two party system, the GOP must rebrand and rebuild from the precinct level up, each time a Mark Sanford is taken out of play, it makes it easier for responsible establishment conservatives to eventually regain control.

Polls indicate the 2010 republican primary races will produce one last wave of neoconservative candidates standing for congressional and State office, the losses will doubtless have cable pundits comparing the GOP to Whigs, however I speculate it will be at that precise point responsible individuals step in and begin rebuilding on the ruins. Of course that’s just my opinion yours may be different.      

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