South Carolina Governor Mark Stanford who hasn’t been seen in public for more than four days, is reportedly taking some time off from his daily schedule to address personal issues. It would appear the Governor is not suffering from any life threatening illness that would require him to formally turn running of State government over to the lieutenant governor.

 The Governors spokesperson declines for security reasons, to provide specific answers as to the Governors current location. Speculation in the halls of the South Carolina capitol, suggest Governor Sanford is receiving some much needed treatment at a clinic. A rumor that would seem to carry weight, In view of the unified show of bi-partisan moral support the States democratic leadership offered, extending heartfelt prayers of encouragement and hope for Governor Sanford and his family.

 Officially no one, not even the Governors wife or Lieutenant Governor, claim to know the whereabouts of Mark Sanford, which is unlikely considering heads of state government are assigned executive security details.

Some State and national media sources have questioned the propriety of a sitting governor failing to disclose the full particulars of being absent for several days. However most Carolinians’ democratic and republican alike, seem to express the feeling, unless the Governors personal issues are directly impeding his ability to carry out the duties of his office, they have little problem with him taking some personal time, and as of this posting the State of South Carolina seems to be functionally just fine.

Those who are questioning the Governors absence loudest, seem to ignore the fact in the age of Internet and blackberry, Public servants can address the people’s business from just about anywhere you can boot a laptop. If the Governor were truly “missing” in the sense implied by some in the media, his security detail would have already alerted the appropriate federal and State agencies.

Late Monday a Sanford spokesman did say, he may simply have gone hiking along the Appalachian Trail and considering the governor is an avid out door enthusiast, that would also seem a plausible explanation. 

Because commercial journalism is profit driven too many reporters and commentators instinctively think the worse, I share the view of those who hope whatever problems may have prompted the Governor to take some personal days, the issues can be addressed in private and he is able to resume his public schedule in full mental and physical vigor.

That’s my view, yours may be different

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