Government Paying for Something Means Government Control

Some Politicians Tout Health Care  Paid by the Government

If Government is Paying, Expect Government to Start Paying Attention

No Smoking, No French Fries? No Heath Care Service?

A Circuitous Tale

Need more proof that the Government is not only over-regulating people’s everyday lives today, but is likely to be even more intrusive in the future?

DBKP has assembled unassailable evidence that the Government might one day tell you how much to weigh.

To wit.

Ever looked at one of the height/weight charts and rolled your eyes?

Or the more recent “body mass index”?

Even during the flower of youth, while competing in three sports, those weight chart numbers never added up to the coveted “ideal weight”. About our senior year in high school, the following conclusion was reached.

Most people–who after checking those neat rows of intersecting numbers and uttering the words, “I’m at my ideal weight”–are either:

a-suffering from a dread disease;
b-suffering from sort of chemical imbalance which, while not technically a dread disease, will make them wish for the sweet caress of Death’s icy fingers;
c-holding the chart upside down;
d-twisted into the throes of a nasty crack habit; or,
e-the perfect specimen of humanity.

Since perfect specimens of homo sapiens are rare, it was assumed that everyone else fit into the first four categories.

We could never figure out how the only time we were ever at our “ideal weight” was during the middle of wrestling season.

And we knew we didn’t want to spend the rest of our life enjoying a Life Saver and a glass of water for lunch.

It wasn’t until later, after reading of the different densities of muscle, fat and tissue that we understood one of the main reasons for our weight “problem”–at least as the charts saw it.

Who is the World’s Fattest Man? What does he have to do with government-paid health care?

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Big Brother is Watching You Eat 


Big Brother is Watching You Eat

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