The federal government has been petitioned by attorneys that are working on behalf of a client who claims that his home was contaminated with asbestos. The petition asks the government to release information with regards to the presence of asbestos at the VA Medical Centre in Marion, Illinois.

The petition was filed last week in the US District Court in Benton, and this comes after the attorneys’ client claimed that his home was contaminated by asbestos as a result of his wife working at the medical facility and brining particles of asbestos dust home on her clothing.

Attorney John Alleman, who filed the petition, said: “We want to know exactly what the VA and the U.S. government knows.” According to reports the government conducted tests at the facility earlier this year, and it is the results of these tests that the attorneys are after.

The petition is said to be seeking “all information connected to reports of asbestos contamination at the facility; protocols, plans and programs for testing, monitoring and treatment of families members to facility employees; plans and specifications for the installation, maintenance and abatement of asbestos at the facility; and a listing of all employees, non-employees, contractors and others who may have knowledge of asbestos exposure.”

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