The Victorian government has made an apology to victims of asbestos exposure, and the move has been welcomed by a Gippsland support group that deals with sufferers of asbestos related diseases. Since the 1920s workers at power stations in the Latrobe Valley that were run by the State Electricity Commission (SEC) were exposed to asbestos.

According to reports the Premier, John Brumby, is going to make a formal apology to these victims later in the week. An official from the asbestos victims support group said that the victims and their families will be pleased that the problem and their suffering has been acknowledged by the powers that be.

She said: “They wanted justice and recognition for a deep-seated problem that had gone on for 70 years and those people have finally got what they want. And I can assure you, on the weekend the phone was running hot and families were very emotional and very excited.”

She also went on to state: “They were saying oh I’m so emotional. Especially the widows, they were saying I’m so emotional, I just can’t even believe the Government’s actually acknowledged it. The men were saying well it’s about time, it’s about time they took notice and they understand what we did.”

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