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Scientists breed cows that give skim milk

Milk used to be good for you, but then milk was bad for you because it was found to contain saturated fats that were linked to heart disease.  So dairies started to artificially cut the fat, and for years now we’ve had the choice of buying whole milk, 2% milk, 1% milk, or skim milk.

A few years back, a single cow from New Zealand  was discovered to have a genetic mutation that allowed her to give fat free milk.  Scientists began to wonder if they could reproduce this genetic oops, and breed more cows that could do the same thing.  Well, they could, and they did.  A small herd is now growing, and within a couple of years it’s expected that all natural skim milk will start appearing on a store shelf near you.  The new cows also seem to produce something called omega3 oils, which are believed to increase brain power.

News Source: UK Times Online

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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