I spend a good deal of time reading truly bizarre stories, most of which I ignore and just forget. Occasionally though you get one that is just too good to ignore.

A fine example is a press release I received from Noble Inc, Entertainment Security, to put this into simple terms, these guys supply the rent a thugs’s found at many live venues. They also supply personal thugs to ensure any stars safety at an event. The web site mentions that other services include Night Vision Goggles, Metal Detectors & Wands, and Secure ground and air transportation. This organization seems to be the entertainment worlds version of Blackwater.

Todays press goody involves our entertainment Rambo’s in a working relationship with BioDefence Corp. The big announcement is that these Rambettes are now going to make the mail room safe.

To quote from the press release:

MailDefender® is an easy-to-use, safe, and proven disinfection technology and the first commercially available product that kills any bio-pathogen, as well as anthrax, smallpox and/or ricin — all very dangerous substances. The unique mailroom security solution has recently passed all U.S. Government standards and is cleared for immediate installation.

That seems like a pretty big claim, unless you incinerate all of the mail first! To make the claim that it ‘kills any bio-pathogen’ is a pretty big claim, I doubt seriously that any scientist would stand behind that statement. If this technology is so good, they should be banging in DARPA’s door, there is surely a battlefield application?

While I don’t doubt the need for security, I also feel that it is often overblown and yet completely missing at the same time.

This press release was a classic example of misdirection. Try this sentence out:

The BioDefense Board of Advisors includes well-known and respected members of U.S., U.K. and European anti-terrorism experts

Who are these experts? Are these ‘experts’ like the ones that laud the Anti Aging Cream emails I receive, or the experts that can improve my love life (which incidentally is just fine). Anonymous experts have the credibility of a three day old donut!

Michael Lu the Chairrman of BioDefense Corp had these profound words:
“Bio-chemical assaults happen continuously and often the focus is on the entertainment and media industry,”

Um, that sounds like a pile of bull to me. Once again we have a situation where there is no back up. Don’t go running your mouth off if you really don’t have anything to say.  Michael can you tell us about these on-going assaults? Exactly where did they happen? Who was involved? Oh, and most importantly of all, how did your technology assist?

For a rib ticklin’ good time read the Press Release.

Simon Barrett


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