In what can only be viewed as shocking to the gastronomes of France, gutter mouthed celebrity English chef Gordon Ramsay has scored two coveted Michelin stars for his first restaurant in France. This is the first time that an Anglophile has made it to this lofty position in this fiercely nationalistic Francophone country.

Congrats to Gordon Ramsay. To folks in the US he is likely best known for his Hells Kitchen reality series filmed in Los Angeles. This series was not for the faint at heart, A sort of ‘Survivor’ in the kitchen was the premise. Two teams of aspiring chefs, competitions, rewards for the winners, and gruesome punishments for the losers, as week by week the number of competitors dwindle. The star prize for the winner? Their own restaurant.

What many US viewers do not realize is just how good a chef Gordon Ramsay is. In his career he has racked up a total of 12 Michelin stars. This is the culinary equivalent of 12 Olympic medals!

To put this ‘star’ system into perspective, Michelin awards up to three stars, and there are only 26 establishments world wide that have that designation. To obtain 2 stars after only one year of opening the doors is nothing short of a miracle.

Michelin have their own set of ‘secret eaters’, their identities are a closely guarded secret. To gain a Michelin star means fame and hopefully fortune, to lose a star is to face ruin. This is the very ‘gold standard’ for the restaurant world.

I admire Gordon Ramsay, he is a man that takes adversity straight on. I recently had the opportunity to watch a TV series that was made in the UK, I know that it has aired in Canada, but I am not sure that it has been shown in the US Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. This DVD set was was shot entirely in England, and shows Gordon at his finest. The show has little to do with Gordon teaching the layman how to cook, but is a wonderful peek behind that swinging door that keeps patrons and cooks apart. Click on the image for more info.

Again, congratulations Gordon Ramsay, you have beaten the French at their own game!

Simon Barrett

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