London, UK) The Autism Awareness Campaign UK is appealing to the new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to invest in the lives of autistic children in the UK. Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder – over 500,000 people in the UK are on the autism spectrum. According to researchers 1 in 100 children may have autism. Over 90,000 children in the UK are autistic – many suffer without proper access to public services in education, health, specialist speech therapy and respite care.

Ivan Corea of the Autism Awareness Campaign recently met Gordon Brown on the campaign trail and asked him a question on disabilities and autism. Mr. Brown conceded that the Government needs to do more for all children with disabilities.

Mr. Corea said: ‘I appeal to Gordon Brown to provide a world class education for all children with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, to provide new specialist autism schools, even Special Needs Academies and autism units equipped with sensory rooms in mainsteam primary and secondary schools; to provide young people with access to further education and higher education, to provide labour market opportunities for people with autism who are able to work.’

‘Equality of opportunity must include every single autistic child and adult in our country. They have a role to play in society – they can also contribute to the economy of our country, children and adults with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome have so much potential,’ he said.

The Autism Awareness Campaign UK is looking to Prime Minister Gordon Brown to launch a national strategy on autism and a 10 year plan of action to help parents, carers and people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Autism is now a serious health and education issue in the United Kingdom.

Lee Scott MP who is championing the cause of autism in the House of Commons in Westminster launched a major debate on autism in March this year. Parliamentarians of all parties also signed an early day motion on autism backing the call for a national strategy on autism.The issue has moved right up the political agenda in Great Britain with parents, carers and people with autism lobbying their MPs and urging them to do more in terms of accessing public services.

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