The results have yet to be announced, but I think it is fair to say that no-one gives a damn. The only visible sign that the event was happening was a sign on the door of the local church hall that generally acts as the polling spot explaining that the event had been moved to some other place (I think they said it was behind McDonalds).

Other that that, life has been pretty calm here. We have had our fair share of RoboCalls. But I tend to let my wife answer the phone, so they didn’t really bother me. Of course I am slightly upset, wasn’t it politicians that enacted the DO NOT CALL idea? Nobody likes being disturbed while eating dinner by some person selling you a time share or a cruise. These rules however do not seem to apply to politicians. At least with the Time Share and Cruise people you can opt to press 1 and be really rude to a real person. Alas that feature somehow got left out of the political calls.

I have no people knock on the door and suggest that we vote for one idiot or the other. We have not even received any junk mail on the subject. I walk at least a mile everyday, and I have not seen a single yard sign, car bumper sticker, or anything! The message seems clear, no-one gives a damn.

This at first seems odd. The small town I live in is most certainly republic in their thoughts and actions. I suspect that it is a deeper problem. They want Obama out, but they really don’t like any of the alternatives. Sure, come November they will vote Republican, but it will be to stop the Democrats rather than move forward.

Simon Barrett

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