I spend a good deal of time in Google News, I think it is a great resource. In the ‘entertainment’ section I found a link to the latest Fox News poll. Clearly even the AI bots that run the Google News system have a great sense of humor.

I love picking my way through the nits and grits of poll data, and the inevitable ‘slant’ each one has. There are very few independent pollsters and I certainly would not count Fox News as one of them, they together with Rasmussen skew to the right. So much so that if they were cars they would be dangerous to drive!

Never the less I decided to jump in feet first into the data. I doubt that Fox News will be spending a lot of time talking about this poll, Trump and his policies remain unpopular. Question 44 is worth looking at

How would you rate the Democrats’ chances of defeating Donald Trump if he is the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2020 — would you say they have an excellent chance, a good chance, not much of a chance, or no chance at all?

Excellent Good  Not much  No chance  (DK)
19%             36         26                13                 6

Question 42 also probes this somewhat related line of inquiry.

In 2020, would you like to see someone else as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee or would you rather keep Donald Trump as the nominee?

someone else keep Trump (Depends) (Don’t know)
53%                         36                 8                   3

This from a right leaning Trump supporting media group is to say the least must be disappointing. It is hard to ‘cherry pick’ this poll for anything remotely good news for the President. But don’t take my word for it, go play in the ugliness of this poll right here.

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