Last Friday thousands of Blogger users found themselves locked out of their blogs. In fact I was one of them. My blood was boiling, particularly with the thinly veiled threat that as my blog had been identified as a Spam Blog they were going to toast it and my 400 plus articles in 20 days.

What really annoyed me is that there seemed to be no easy way to save my articles and pictures. Blogger, as far as I could see has no export facility.

It turned out to be a Google mistake, some code changes has created a situation where their checking algorithm was giving false positives, automatically flagging the blog as web spam.

As I said, I was pretty upset, while my personal blog may not contain Pulitzer Prize winning articles, it does provide people with a little bit of humor about my life.

Other bloggers that were hit though had a lot more to lose than pictures of a computer constructed in a Pizza Box, Beer Box, or knitted out of Plastic Canvas. Some Blogs actually are serious. One that got caught up in this debacle was NoRightTurn, this is an influential political blog out of New Zealand authored by the very mysterious Idiot Savant.

This Blogger faced losing over 4700 posts that he had written over a five year period!

The good news was that about 8 hours later, following a deluge of complaints Google realized that they had committed computer sin #1, rolling code in without testing it properly, and reset all of out blogs so we could once more continue being happy little bloggers.

This was not the end of the story. About an hour ago I received an email from NoRightTurn, he had been locked out once again!

I’ve just been blocked by blogger again. Except this time, when I go to request unlock, it still remembers my earlier request. Which means that if they’re handling it by having some mook respond to whatever shows up in their Inbox, I’m never going to be unlocked.

This is highly frustrating. I’ve just launched a campaign to pressure politicians into signing an international human rights treaty. It would be nice to be able to post about it.

He also sent a screen grab:


This time though the lockout was removed fairly quickly, about 30 mins ago he was back in action. This still leaves questions in my mind. As I mentioned in my original article, free isn’t always the best price.

Simon Barrett

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