I for one am getting concerned about some aspects of the internet, rather than it moving forward with quality content and entertainment is is for a large part an ocean of rubbish. In my quest for information for reviews and interviews I am often forced into the murky world of Facebook and MySpace, two sites that have the charm wit and repartee of a pit viper. Most MySpace pages are just headache inducing, many seem to have been created while the owner was on some hallucinogenic recreational pharmaceutical. Facebook, while not quite having the same coma inducing quality is just as much an anathema to me.

Then came Twitter, who really cares if someone just fed the cat, or has taken the garbage out? Obviously I am in the minority because millions apparently do care. I do have a Twitter account, but it’s sole purpose in life is to send out notices about upcoming radio programs, and that function is entirely automated. Maybe the most baffling aspect of Twitter is the business model. The service is valued at some huge mega million dollar amount, but how does it make money? Or how will it ever make money?

For the most part these social sites are just baffling to me, and how they increase the usefulness of the Internet escapes me.

A while ago I read an announcement about Google’s latest project, something called Wave. I ignored it because I could not understand what on earth it was designed to do. Mostly I like Google products, they have a function and they do it well. I use Gmail as my main email account because for the most part it fits my needs. I use Google Search because it is far and away the best search engine available. I sometimes use Google Docs when I am in the situation where I need several people to contribute to a document or spreadsheet. And what is not to love about Google Maps? Yes folks, I am a convert to the cloud. The fewer items I have stored locally the happier I am. I am not hung up on my computers, they are tools, if an OS gets on my nerves, I dump it and move on.

Right now I am using Ubuntu, but next week I might try something else.

Oops, I have digressed, lets get back to Google Wave. An acquaintance of mine sent me an invitation to join the invite only Beta test. Out of curiosity I accepted. A click later I was one of the ‘in crowd’. I can even invite other people!

But, what does Google Wave do? I am completely in the dark. It is not quite email, it is not quite an Instant Messaging system, and it is not quite Twitter. I am sure that it is destined to become the next great Internet innovation, but for the life of me I do not see the value.

I spent some time Googling Google Wave and read a number of glowing reviews, but I could not find a single real life application for it. If someone can illuminate me on exactly what Google Wave does do, I would appreciate it.

I guess I am just too old to appreciate these new fangled things 🙂

Simon Barrett

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