We all knew it would happen once it became common knowledge that YouTube was bought for $1.65 Billion.  Of course there are lawsuits, every huge corporation runs that risk if business ethics aren’t followed.  But that isn’t what this is really about, is it?  

Copyrighted material is removed from YouTube all the time and all it takes is a simple request.  That’s all.

But wait a minute.  What about all the views?  What about all that advertising?  What about all the links?  Is someone missing the boat somewhere?  Why not take advantage of it instead of getting hot under the collar (blue or white)?

I was in marketing and sales for over 22 years and nothing was easy back then like it is now.  Admittedly, you have to do some initial work, but then you have a sales agent 24/7 that never gets sick or needs a vacation.  

I find it hard to believe that only 5% of advertising is online*… I am bombarded with it every time I log on.  It is truly interesting to note that the phone ring industry is up there around $5 Billion… people paying $2 for two lines of a song but won’t pay $.99 for an entire song.  Why is that?

Padmasree Warrior* with Motorola says, “It is because the ring tones personalize the devise… it says something about the person.”


That is such a profound statement that I seriously doubt anyone in the room of those Most Powerful Women at Fortune’s Summit even heard that.  

There is so much bombarding us when we turn any electronic communications device on.  My phone tells me about ALTELL, my TV shouts about Shout, my radio tells me about all sorts of things going on across the Mississippi River because I live on the side of the River where nothing goes on… sigh.  

But personalization is a big Gig these days.  That is why YouTube is such a huge success.  So if it truly is all about YOU… then corporations should make a way for folks to pay $1 to use a video.  I’ll take $2.5 Billion any day over a copyright suit, wouldn’t you?

*see video at this CNN link  


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Gina Burgess is the editor of The Tensas Gazette and a redactor for internet marketing company.  She is a columnist for Live As If.org and a site admin for Studylight.org.  Visit her blog at Refreshment In Refuge.

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