I rather like Google Trends, it is an area that probably most people have never heard of. But it is a great source for what people have looked for on the search engine. It is far from real time, but a good indication of what was hot six or so hours ago. So with today being Good Friday I decided to see what the hot terms were.

I have to admit that I was surprised.


To make it easier, here is a small snapshot.


In the top position was Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, obviously another potential school scandal trumps Easter. At least the surmised impropriety does not seem to involve young boys.I am sure that this must be viewed with great relief for everyone. But in the grand scheme of things, who care if he had a whirl or two with a young lady over the age of consent? No doubt his wife might have a few things to say on the issue, and no doubt he will be spending some time sleeping on the couch. But is this news? Is this the most important news item in the world?

Position two in Google trends was Passover whereas Good Friday came in in tenth spot.

Maybe the strangest part of this less than scientific study of the internet is that in position 8 is ‘Hard Boiled Eggs’. Apparently more people are concerned about how to make Hard Boiled Eggs than the meaning behind Good Friday.

In fact more people are searching for someone named Amanda Bynes than Good Friday, Easter and even Hard Boiled Eggs! Way to go Amanda, you are more popular than Easter!

Obviously my version was a snapshot in time. But I still find the data of interest. There are two conclusions, the first being that everyone understands Good Friday and the whole significance of the Easter period, or, second, no one gives a damn other than the fact that they get a day off.

What a nation we have become!

Two thousand years from now will people be looking for Amanda Bynes or Bobby Petrino? I suspect not. Will anyone care about a 2000 year old recipe for putting eggs in water and boiling them until they are hard? Probably not. But I suspect that people will be looking at us, and also the events that happened 2000 years before us.

Simon Barrett

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