Google Trends is not a part of Google that most people have even heard of, never mind use. I can’t say that I was a big user, but it was an interesting little diversion. It provided a list of the top searches. Of course it was hours out of date, but it provided a great view of what people were looking for. This is a useful tool if you are in the news business.


It is always great to see what is hot and what is not! I would write my article regardless. It was however useful to use Google Trends as a weather vane of what people were interested in.

Of course, like every great piece of software, Google has improved Trends. They have taken a page out of Microsoft’s play book and made it a useless product.


Rather than showing a simple list of what is trending, we now get a stinking slide show. I seriously doubt that Google is making any friends with this ‘upgrade’. They have taken a neat little tool and removed the prime purpose. We might be better off using Twitter HashTags. I have little use for Twitter, but #googletrendsfail seems to hit the mark!

Simon Barrett

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