News Item:
Iranians outraged as
Google redraws map

Ahh yes… another ‘outrage’… another reason for fists to be thrust into the air.  Let’s all grab our torches, fire ’em up, and start burning cars and shops.

It seems the latest edition of Google Maps has misplaced a town called Tabriz.  Google has it located in Azerbaijan, where it’s always been, but that part of Azerbaijan doesn’t belong to Azerbaijan, it belongs to Iran instead.  Got that?

At any rate, this  is a big problem, big enough for Iranian officials to call the mistake an attempt to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs.  They have accused Google of deliberately trying to undermine Iran’s territorial integrity, and are claiming the incident was tailor made to wound Iranian pride.  In other words… it’s a plot.

Earlier this year, the area around Tabriz was rocked by violent protests over a simple cartoon, so I guess this one really has ’em twisted.

Full Story: The Guardian

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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