Is Technorati in trouble?

The BBC reports that Google has rolled out “Hot Trends” as a buff on its existing Trends service:

A feature listing the day’s 100 fastest-rising search requests has been unveiled by Google.

The chart, part of the search system’s trends service, will be refreshed several times a day using data from millions of searches, the company said.

Requests for pornography, the weather, popular websites like and some celebrities will not be included.

Instead, Hot Trends will provide a glimpse of what is baffling and interesting web users from day to day.

Google isn’t the first online service to map what’s hot online, as described at Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal.

John Battelle includes an announcement of Hot Trends from Google that also describes enhancements to the Google Trends service.

Duncan Riley at TechCrunch has fun pointing out hiccups in this first version.

In the same spirit as Duncan Riley, I thought that I would check out the Google Hot Trends or May 22, 2007. (The service allows you to select a date — the earliest is May 15, 2007.)

The data are dynamic, updated on some mysterious schedule known to Google. When I first checked earlier today, #1 was “paige johnson” which has since slipped to #5, replaced by “tanzania national park” for whatever mysterious reason.

In a bad sign for Jack Bauer despite the show’s recent two-year renewal, “24 season 6 finale” has dropped out of the top 100 entirely.

However “google hot trends” is self-referentially hot at #91.

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