I have been a long time supporter of this upstart in the dot com world, but you have to wonder when ‘Big Enough’ is indeed big enough? There is no question in anyones mind that these guys have some serious cash. The issue I have, is how they spend it, and what they do with this lovely loot. Having moved into acquisition mode, they are gobbling up companies like they are going out of fashion.

While many large companies are divesting themselves of all but their core business, Google continues to gobble. Obviously they have Microsoft in the cross hairs of their gun sight, and although topping Bill and his merry band might take a while, they are whittling away at his power base. The Search Engine war has definitely been won by Google, it does not seem to matter how much the Redmond, Washington billionaire throws at the search problem his product is substandard. On the ‘Office’ software front Microsoft still rules supreme, but for how much longer? Google is nipping at their heels with a package that is not as feature rich as MS Office, but certainly fits the needs of the average user. Oh, and the price is right! Free always gets my attention!

There were two big announcements from Google this week, in what should be no surprise is their intention to get into the cell phone arena and the second an initiative into the scary world of Social Networking.

Will these new ventures work? I guess only time will tell.

Simon Barrett


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