It is amazing how dependent you become on a set of tools. I was beside myself when suddenly the major tools of my trade disappeared for an hour this morning. All things Google ceased to be. My lifeline to the world is Gmail, both for personal and business emails. And when you are in the middle of a big story with ‘incoming’ is imminently expected with answers to questions, the blood pressure goes up.

Google itself was also down, all research ground to a halt. At one point I was so frustrated that I actually tried a different search engine, I can’t remember the name Ya something or other. I gave up on research and decided to have some down time.

My next idea was to see how a few of my stories were stacking up against the opposition, it is always so satisfying to be ahead of CNN or Fox, oops, Google news is down!

OK, I know, I’ll see how BNN is doing as a whole, oops, Google Analytics is down.

Now I am really bored, what else could I do? I know what I could do. I have been tardy in keeping my personal Blog updated so I will stick up a quick story. Oops, Blogger is part of the Google empire, and it is down!

Alright, I do know that I have some radio shows coming up, so I will go schedule them. Oops, Blog Talk Radio has Google Adsense adverts on it, the Java script is hanging because, you guessed it, Google Adsense is down!

Well I can still set reminders up for the shows, oops Google Calendar is down.

There is a project that I have been working on for what seems like a million years, maybe I will spend some time on it, oops of course it is in Google Docs!

While I write this article in humor, there is a more serious theme. Much has been spoken about Cloud Computing being the way of the future. Well I live in the Cloud, and when the cloud fails, I am stuck. Now I am just a Journalist, if my story is a couple of hours late, it really does not matter. I don’t even have an editor to whine at me, I am the damned editor! But if I was running a small business and was reliant on the cloud I would have been in deep trouble.

The other observation which is sobering is that in my world, Google is the Internet, and I am sure there are many people just like me.

Has Google just got too big?

Simon Barrett

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