For well over a decade I have used Gmail, it has been wonderful. I use Google to search for things. I use Google maps to find where I need to go. I use Google Earth and Street maps to see interesting places.

Google is wonderful, well mostly…

Google, like Microsoft and most other big companies have little interest in talking to the man in the street and fixing small issues. I believe that with a credit card Microsoft will help you, even if the problem is their own! Google pretty much works in a similar way, the idea of talking to a regular man in the street is a concept that never made it off the White Board.

I can see the point of Google not advertising a help desk number. It would likely be the worst and busiest job on the planet!

The good news is that Google tends to build solid software and when it screws up they fix it quick (Mostly…).

I use Gmail, it is a great tool, I have had the account for well over a decade. So when I got a message that Gmail could not send my message I looked up the error message:

“Oops the system has encountered problem (#007)?

This should be a no brainer right? Unfortunately there is no ‘Google’ response, but there are lots of shady offers to fix the problem. Why can’t Google tell us what the error is? It ticks me off, more times than not the 007 error is on an email thread that interests me.

Simon Barrett

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