In the early part of the year, Google & VMware announced a collaboration that enabled constructing business-related cloud portable web applications. The joint venture revealed how companies can benefit from the integrated developer tools in order to develop modern applications for the web. These would be ‘cloud ready’ right from the beginning and they would also be able to be utilized in any regular environment – this includes Google App Engine and VMware vFaric solutions. These tools are scheduled to be outed in a couple of weeks, reports

If you’re looking to get ahead, you can always download the RC1 release candidate version of the tool. And the fastest way to download the entire set of tools would be to use SpringSource Tool Suite RC1. Alternatively, you can also wait for the public launch, which would be announced here, if you register for a notification.

In addition, a next generation app development tool that adds the quality of GWT or Google Web Toolkit quickly allows .net developers to construct browser applications in enterprise production. These Google Web Toolkit-enable apps allow browser technology like the AJAX to develop software with the best user experience. This apples to mobile browsers and desktops alike.

Apart from that, the Speed Tracer from Google combined with Spring Insight from Vmware allows for performance technology. This improves the user experience while providing optimal conditions for both the server and the client. Moreover, the intertwining of the SpringSource Tool Suite along with the Google Plugin for Eclipse enables developers to come up with web-based enterprise apps on a large scale. These tools were previously available only for server and desktop solutions and they were often found exclusively with developers working on cutting edge applications.

Going forward, there is a lot of excitement about what can accomplished in mobile web applications. Currently, the technology allows for the creation of web applications that are optimally targeted for browsers on mobiles. However, in the long term, tools will be fine tuned to enhance use experience even better by mixing mobile best practices, HTML5 like local database storage, applications cache, and geolocation along with styled Uls.

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