The 800lb Search Gorilla is at it again, launching yet another new feature. Armed with a cell phone capable of Web browsing you can find out where in the world you are. Oh, and you do not need any GPS feature built into the phone. Just pull up Google maps hit the zero button and a blue flashing spot will show you your approximate location.

How do they do it? Well apparently they have figured out some way to tell which cell tower you are connected to, and then using that information calculate your approximate location. The exact science behind getting the cell tower information has not been revealed by Google, but it obviously works. PC World has an interesting article about My Location.

Of course there may be a dark side to this fun little feature. Google loves to embrace Open Source, and open API architecture, so how long will it be before we see this feature used for more nefarious purposes? Little spyware apps to keep tabs on your wayward teen, or your straying partner.

I can’t wait to see what inquiring minds do with this. 

Simon Barrett  

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