Cleary miffed at seeing how everyone in Germany has forgotten how much better they had it under his leadership, and sick and tired of having to clean up around the house after wife Doris all day long, ex-Chancellor Gerhard S. has volunteered to slam US plans to build a high-tech missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, calling it dangerous and absurd.

Being now anything but dangerous himself, Mr. S. did go a bit absurd on us this time, however. Because anyone who as ever taken the time to look at the planned Ballistic-Missile-Defense-System (BMD), Vladimir Putin included, knows that it poses no threat to Russia’s missile defense system.

Putin’s recent theatrics in Munich aside (election time, he took a tip from Gerhard S. here, too), the United States has remained in constant contact with Russia about its BMD plans. And although this may be a technology bordering on science fiction fantasy, assuming it works, it is not designed to, nor will it be able to neutralize a force like the 1500 intercontinental warheads Russia has at its disposal. Rockets fired from Poland aren’t even in the position to reach such weapons in time.

Gerhard’s histrionics remind me of Gerhard’s histrionics. From the good old days, I mean. Only this time he’s not up for reelection. What on earth could be motivating this man? I have to assume that it’s something personal. Did the United States run over his kitten as a child or something?

And it’s not as if Germany needs to take threats made by hostile foreign forces seriously these days or anything. And their buddies higher-up (the ones with the rockets), they would never threaten Germany, either, right? Right. That’s why the rockets are being stationed in Poland and the Czech Republic, I guess.

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