Like claims the U.S. was responsible for 9/11 and Republicans were fixing gas prices, the media promoted the left-wing electronic vote-rigging conspiracy.

Now that the votes have been cast and counted, Republicans lost, and the silence of the national media has been deafening.

The idea was that somehow the company Diebold had programmed the machines to let Republicans win. The theory, perpetuated by left-wingers posting on Daily Kos and The Huffington Post and Bev Harris’ book, “Black Box Voting,” was embraced by all three broadcast networks, as well as CNN and MSNBC.

It’s safe to say that when the Left get the results they want, there are suddenly no problems. And this fact points to a fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats see a “vast right-wing conspiracy” whenever something doesn’t go their way. Republicans don’t hoot and holler about some imagined vast left-wing conspiracy, even though it may not, in fact, be all that imagined. They just get back to work and try to figure out how they messed up. They don’t blame Diebold or rant about “hanging chads”.

Unlike Democrats, Republicans accept their losses with grace, and immediately begin planning for the future. What happened during this election cycle? Clearly, voters were unimpressed with Republicans who ran on a platform of limited government and then, once in office, expanded government. We were displeased by the broken promises of fiscal conservatism, and we were taken aback by the lack of accountability that our representatives displayed, once in office. We were amazed that no meaningful reform of policy regarding illegal aliens was ever undertaken. Instead, we got “comprehensive” plans shoved at us. In other words, the failed policy of amnesty.

It is critically important that Republicans take these lessons to heart. Be prepared to walk your talk, or don’t even bother with launching a campaign.

We also need to take a hard look at what sort of leaders we’re actually getting. The Dems are presently in control, much to the joy of Al-Qaeda and others. Clearly, we need a solid team in leadership positions with a solid plan to retake majority status. What killed us in the most recent cycle was that we had a bunch of folks in there who ran as Republicans but found the perks of office just so comfortable that they reneged on the very values that they had claimed to hold dear.

That’s obviously not a winning strategy. So what is?

Well, as a start, Republicans need to work for the betterment of the average Joe in their state – and across the country. Even if we can’t immediately improve conditions for the average Joe, we must do everything possible to ensure that their conditions under Democrat control do not become significantly worse than they already are. Much as we may disagree with some of the Bush policies, the tax cuts that he implemented improved Joe’s finances, and boosted the overall economy.

As Democrats come bristling in with increased tax plans, we must stand against them.

And we must demonstrate that we actually adhere to our stated principles.



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