On the Issue Of Gold, Ron Paul and Ron Reagan had much in common.
David Wiegel’s “Hit and Run” at Reason, has an interesting comment about two Ron’s: Ron Paul and Ron Reagan. On the issue of the gold standard, the two Ron’s shared much the same view.

The piece starts out by examining a recent piece by the Washington Monthly that has some less than sparkling remarks about Dr. Paul

Kevin Drum calls Ron Paul a “fruitcake” and demands that you–yes, you!–stop taking him so damn seriously.

Wiegel then goes on to look at a few of Drum’s accusations, as well as some other recent articles that paint Paul as “crazy”. Then he makes, what to some, will be a startling observation:

I guess I’ve got to break the news: If Paul’s anachronistic gold-and-silder obsession is enough to call him “crazy,” conservatives had better be ready to ditch one of their heroes.

Who is the conservative hero Wiegel’s referring to?

None other than the Gipper himself, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

To anyone who came of age cheering Reagan’s Revolution, it’s heartening to read about his exploits again. Anyone wanting to get a sense of Reagan, the man and the president, should invest in a copy of “The Reagan Diaries”.

But back to Ron Paul.

Read rest of story and video of classic Ron Paul explaining the Gold Standard:

A Tale of Two Rons 


A Tale of Two Rons

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