India is aware through years of its existence that China is one of the most unreliable neighbor whi is both powerful and cunning.

It is now reported that  Indian Government has taken a decision to let the Chinese Company  Huawei be their partner for securing the security of systems used by telecom companies.

Huawei being a major supplier itself and China being one of the biggest global threats to Cyber Security, the decision appears to be a complete compromise of the Indian Cyber Security system.

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The decision of the GOI to engage the services of Huawei, China to set up a security lab in Bangalore in association with IISc is a decision which baffles every observer of Information security. When one peruses the Wikipedia posting on Huawei, we come across the following posts:

“In October 2009, Indian Department of Telecommunications reportedly requested national telecom operators to “self-regulate” the use of Chinese-made equipment (including ZTE and Huawei), quoting security concerns. Earlier, in 2005, Huawei was blocked from supplying equipment to India’s national network BSNL.In 2010, Indian security intelligence (CBI) insisted on canceling the rest of the Huawei contract with BSNL and pressed charges against several top BSNL officers regarding their “doubtful integrity and dubious links with Chinese firms”. In April 2010, Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd., the Indian unit of Russia’s AFK Sistema, didn’t get clearance to buy Huawei equipment.

In May 2010, security agencies in India became suspicious of Chinese Huawei employees after learning that part of Huawei’s Bangalore R&D office building is off limits to Indians. The intelligence agencies also noted how Chinese employees of Huawei keep extending their stay in Bangalore for months on end. When security agencies launched an investigation to probe the purpose behind these long-drawn business trips by the Chinese staff of Huawei to Bangalore, they were told that the Chinese were staying on to learn and master English in India.”

Despite such knowledge if Indian Government first released the ban on Huawei for supply of equipments and now goes one step ahead and makes them the security partner for the country, it is difficult to understand the thinking behind the decision.

Probably the Government owes an explanation to the public.

At the same time it is necessary for the media and the opposition parties to find out the consideration for the decision.

After the bugging of the Finance Ministry office, this incident is another big blot on the functioning of the Union Home Ministry. We hope to see Manish Tiwari and Jayanti Natarajan defend this unique decision of the Government and how it is in the best interest of the security of India to become friends with China.

Hay days for the electronic media!.. Arnab Goswami, are you listening?

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