Pretty much when you see something too good to be true, it is! I need to set up some web sites so when I saw this…

I rubbed my hands in glee. I snagged the 5 URL’s I needed and hit the Checkout link. The total was $140 rather than $5. I took off all of the crap that I didn’t need and the total was still $60.
By now I am getting pissed off. So I contacted the sales support folks.

“oh the $.99 deal only happens from time to time”

So, is this deceptive or what? I have to say that I think this offer is very deceptive! I dug in a little further and discovered that even if I had managed to hit the 3 second window for $.99 sites the offer was only good for 1 site.

I like Godaddy and have used them for a lot of sites, but this in my opinion is completely out of line.
This is clearly ‘bait and switch’, offer a product at $,99 and sell it for $11.

At least at the Supermarket they explain the deal, buy one get one free, limit two per person.

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