It seems that a statement made by Governor Palin has the liberal pundits a bit “worried” about her ability to uphold the division of church and state. While their concern is more likely translated into utter delight, they might want to reconsider the premature salivation. In the amateur video that is currently circulating the Internet and quite likely to become one of many in the Palin Hatin’ Greatest Hits collection, the Vice Presidential candidate is speaking to a crowd in (gasp) her own church. At this particular juncture, she made a statement about the Iraq war and its function as “God’s task.” Well, before we start casting the biblical stones, we should re-examine some of the church and state separation sins committed by the opposing team.

In a speech delivered to an audience of students at Hocking College, a secular venue, Obama decided to refer to Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount to justify his support of civil unions for same-sex couples. Not only is this a form of blatant bible-thumping propaganda, but the reference itself is contradictory to a basic Christian ideology. The Senator might as well have quoted the Koran as proof that women’s lib is God’s will.

In yet another attempt to let the light of God shine upon the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi created new Catholic doctrine as she was interviewed by Tom Brokaw on “Meet the Press.” She talked about herself as an “ardent Catholic” and inaccurately referenced Saint Augustine in order to support her position that life in the womb does not begin until three months gestation. The amateur theologian was immediately corrected and discredited by the United States Council of Bishops, among others of whose beliefs she so readily insulted.

While the Democrats have found ways to weave Christianity into their rhetoric as a means to appeal to conservatives on the proverbial fence, they could leave their own constituents wondering…where is the love? Unfortunately for the Democrats, their frivolous exploitation of Christianity is a transparent political strategy that looks like manipulation to those who hold steadfast to those Christian values. Barrack and Nancy should stop trying to re-define Christianity and focus on the staunchly secular beliefs upheld by their own party, hence leaving the bibles and crucifixes to those who will truly cling to them!

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