It is not often that one of our very own BNN writers goes out and publishes a book, but that is exactly what Ian Coburn did. God is a Woman was officially released on Valentines day, so it has been on sale for one month.

While he is quite well known in the stand up comedy arena, he is completely new to the literary world. Over the past several months I have interviewed quite a number of first time authors, and all have had aspirations that their book was going to make it to the big time. Unfortunately there are somewhere in the region of 200,000 new books a year published in the US alone. I do not know how many titles has in its catalog, but it is several million. It is a long hard road that the first time author must travel to make it to the mainstream.

I enjoyed God is a Woman, and I certainly had a great time interviewing Ian, he is a very funny and entertaining guy. As a consequence we have kept in touch though the occasional email.

I was delighted to receive a press release today from Ian Coburn’s publisher. The book has been selling very well indeed. In the interview Ian made no bones about the fact that if he was going to be successful he would have to work hard, his plan was to try and get as much media exposure through radio, print, and TV as he could. Clearly Ian has done just that, the press release explains that over the past weekend God is a Woman made it to position 672 on Amazons top seller list!

For a first time author with a very limited advertising budget that is some feat.

Congratulations Ian from all of us at BNN. 

Simon Barrett  

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