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Softcover  269 pages

Ian Coburn is a well known Stand Up Comedian, he has headlined in many of the top comedy venues in the US and Canada.

God Is A Woman – Dating Disasters is not his first foray into writing, Ian Coburn has created several screenplays in his career. This is however his first book.

The book primarily deals with Ian’s romantic (mis)adventures, and he has plenty of them!

There are some uproarious parts in God Is A Woman. I just hope that his mother never reads a copy of it. He details an adventure that involves his mother’s car, and more importantly his mothers red scarf. If the poor lady ever reads that chapter I am convinced that Ian will not get to see another birthday.

Ian is a comedian by trade, and it can be seen in his writing, he has some great phrases, one I loved that concerned his inability to get a stripper into bed:

“I couldn’t seal the deal with a stripper! That’s like a Kennedy not being able to start a car while he’s drunk”

It is apparent from reading God Is A Woman that life on the road as a Stand Up Comedian is a strange life, certainly it is an interesting life, but maybe not one that you would want to encourage your children into pursuing.

Several of the stories involve people that are well known not just on the comedy circuit, but also the TV. Drew Carey and Larry the cable guy, are just a couple of people that get featured.

One aspect that did grab me about Ian Coburn is that he may be very out going in his stage persona, but is also an intensely private person. One chapter details an evening spent with the ‘rich and famous’, and it is clear from reading, that Ian loves his anonymity.

God Is A Woman is designed as a self help guide for guys in the dating game. Seeing as I am so old, much of that aspect was beyond me. In my day you just clubbed them over the head and dragged them back to your cave, and if they didn’t know how to cook Brontosaurus steaks you kicked them out! I am sure though that much of the advice is good, just not applicable to me.

I liked the book for the humor, it is a little raunchy in spots, but a very funny book.
God Is A Woman goes on general sale Febuary/14, however you can also order it online through Ian Coburn’s site.

Ian has consented to an interview, (and assuming he does not back out because he hates this review) I will be publishing it in a few days.

Simon Barrett

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