Illegal aliens who cross our borders on any given day are not just looking for jobs. Many are here to find a “free ride” in the form of health care and social benefits long depleted in their own countries.
They do not care to become part of this country but like aliens from science fiction films they come to use the Earth (United States) up until there is nothing left and this fine place looks just like the human toilets that are their own countries. There are several things that could deter illegal aliens, such as employers being arrested for hiring illegal workers and imposing huge fines for their landlords.

We need better security for the border itself in the form of physical barriers. I am sorry that they are poor and that they are too frightened to make their own countries livable, but that is not our problem. Any country that fails its people should be taken off the list to receive funds from our government, and those funds should be given to aid organizations that directly impact those in the country who need it most. Let that money directly aid the people of that country and not be wasted by their leaders.




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