The murderous thugs of the AbuSayyaf group now have a video on You Tube.

Yup. Those kinky guys who killed 200 people by bombing a ferry, who kidnap missionaries, who bomb fiestas and buses, and who tortured and mutilated wounded Philippine marines last week now have a video up on You tube bragging about their exploits, their aims, and appealing for foreign funding.

The website Search for International Terrorist Entities said the Al-Fajr Information Center distributed the video to “jihadist forums” last Wednesday.

The video includes several now deceased leaders of that group, who openly admit their aim is to establish an Muslim state in the Philippines.

The video was posted by BAYTURX, whose films often have Turkish titles. He has also posted other jihadi videos on YouTube, including Hamas sniper attacks and attacks on Humvees.
What makes it worse is that this is not the only place that Al Fajr Information Center has posted pro jihadi propaganda. The Internet Archive site also allows films sponsored by the Al Fajr Information center to be placed on their website.
According to the Internet Archive site, Al Fajr Information Center is supposed to be about killing Jews and their American allies:

Al-Fajr Information Center, an Internet distribution network for statements and multimedia from Islamic terrorist groups, issued on Saturday, December 31, 2006, a 20:38 minute video focusing on Palestine and inciting Muslims to support jihad and strike American and Jewish economic interests.

Yet their sponsorship of a video promoting killing Pinoys is merely one example of how the war on terror not only has little to do with Israel, but predates Bush and 9-11.

Nor is the Philippines the only Asian country targeted by Al Fajr videos:

the SITE institute has links to some of their films promoting jihad against China.

The ability of jihadis to place their propaganda on US websites is worrysome, not because they get much publicity but because such things are part of a pattern of ways to attract and recruit potential jihadis who live in the US.

The report by the NYPD is worrysome, yet many news paper reports centered on the risk of “racial profiling” rather than the money trail that promotes radical clerics to be hired at mosques or internet sites that encourage terror recruiting.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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