This 14 track affair is in Spanish hence its name 90 Miles. Estefan is a Cuban-American and it just so happens that Cuba is 90 miles from Key West. I quite enjoyed the CD having lived in Miami as a young adult; I saw her and the Miami Sound Machine before they hit bit internationally.

This is very much a return to roots for her with classy sounding Cuban music in droves. Unlike some of her torch-song English solo material; this is all prime Caye Ocho stuff. “No Llores” would sound to the Anglo a song similar to “Smooth” by Santana. It just reeks of sweaty dancing in the hot Miami night in people short on clothes and high on energy. Makes this lad want to take his Hispanic looking Londoner wife back to Miami for a holiday.

You can help but tap along to the beat if you have any rhythm in your soul what so ever. This is Cuban music at its absolute best. It doesn’t matter if you understand Spanish or not; it just plain great music.

The title track, unusually left until the end of the CD, ponders once will happen once Castro is gone and families are finally allowed back together.

This CD is a joy to hear and one that my mother has been listening to incessantly on the way to work. Wonderful collection of Cuban music from an obvious talent whose voice is as good as it ever was.

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