If you need any more proof that the concept of Global Warming is less “science” and is more just a replacement for the kind of failed concepts of communism and socialism that is increasingly being rejected by the world, two recent stories helps clarify the point.

The first is a recent article by one Kellie Hastings, a writer who claims that her “research is thorough” and her “articles are written with style and intellect.” In a piece titled “Deadly Ozone From Drive-Thru Mania,” our Miss Hastings pours out her considerable “intellect” into the theory that drive thru windows are destroying the planet and making us a bunch of fatties.

These drive-thru window services contribute to smog, emissions, noise pollution, air pollution, pollution within the store itself as employees at the window are constantly breathing in exhaust fumes. They add to our obesity problem creating a lazy society. They congest the parking lots creating line ups adding to even more idling vehicles.

Wow, that is quite a list, a result of her “thorough research,” no doubt.

And what does all this evil come down to as far as Miss. Hastings is concerned?

And all this is for what, convenience sake, money, success?

Is the human species evolving or are we becoming selfish to our never ending needs, our services rendered mind set? Or is it because we cannot turn back the clock and change the structured society we all love so much?

Maybe we have misled ourselves in regards to the meaning of purpose. Materialistically speaking, is it our destiny or purpose to acquire as much as possible? Is our evolutionary success based on our technologically convenient lifestyle? Or are we here to serve the almighty dollar?

Yeah, it’s all because of … you guessed it… capitalism. Her solution, of course, is to put an end to all this capitalism stuff like all good communists aim to do.

She fails utterly to prove with all her “research” that the “air pollution” she claims is a result from drive-thru windows will be reduced by getting rid of the convenience. She just states it straight out as fact. But, if Miss. Hastings is unhappy over the continued and expanded use of automobiles because of the air pollution they cause, she can’t be too happy about the Tata Corporation in India offering a new auto for around $2,500, an offering that will allow many millions more people than had ever been able to afford a brand new car.

Now, owning a car opens up possibilities to a person that is beyond their reach otherwise, it opens up a freedom that many millions do not currently enjoy. The ability to find work at further distances from their homes than ever gives them more choices to find lucrative employment opportunities, the ability to find markets and entertainments are also greatly expanded. All this greatly expands individual freedom.

If many millions more of the people of India (and around the world) find themselves able to afford this new car, it will incredibly improve their standard of living. It will also force the government to redirect their own efforts to internal improvements to accommodate this rise in cars that will add even more to raising the standard of living in once poor countries.

Isn’t this great news? Not to the communists of Greenpeace who are protesting this new product. Green communists are attempting to forever keep the poor in the grinding poverty in which they currently wallow. These green communists do not want people to be raised up out of poverty because to do so will cause “pollution” and “global warming.”

And Greenpeace isn’t alone. Their pals in the media are happy to fan the flames of alarmism over the supposed “global disaster” of this incredible new freedom-promoting car. As the Washington Post proved with an article outrageous titled “It Costs Just $2,500. It’s Cute as a Bug. And It Could Mean Global Disaster.”

Green communists do not care about people and these two stories add to the ever growing proof that enviro-communists have gravitated to environmentalism as a replacement for an overt espousal of communist ideals.

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