Today the weather is a hot topic. In central Texas, they are having snow storms, while in Buffalo, NY, it is a warm 61 degrees. A strange day for the last day of November, and a convincing argument for the debate about Global Warming.

It is just in time for the landmark case in the Supreme Court, which would have profound effects to curb pollution and global warming.

There is a list of petitioners and respondents on the Environmental Defense page. It is no surprise that those who are asking the EPA to do something to regulate global warming include numerous environmental organizations, several states, health organizations, groups of scientists, political organizations and other human interests groups.

The respondents include the EPA, several automobile companies and groups, chemical companies, and some states.

According to Environmetnal Defense, a petitioner in this suit states that purpose of the suit is to address the following questions:

Do the states, cities, island territory, and health and environmental organizations have “standing” to challenge EPA’s decision not to regulate global warming pollution from motor vehicle tailpipes?

Does EPA have the authority to regulate global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act?

And if EPA does have that authority, does it have the right to refuse to regulate such emissions based on political or other considerations unrelated to the endangerment to human health and welfare?

President Bush is against the suit for his government to be responsible for the pollution control. According to Fox News, Bush has argued:

“in court papers that the EPA lacks the power to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. Even if it had such authority, the EPA still would not use it at this point because of uncertainty surrounding the issue of global warming”

Whether Bush believes that Global Warming exists or not, the Environmental Defense, along with all the rest of the petitioners, hope to finally bring action to slow down Global Warming, and hold pollution generating corporations accountable.

Heather Kuhn is an author. She blogs on todaysnews and the Blogger News Network

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