Ever since the days of Noah man has been concerned with the weather.

Looking up into the clear blue sky Noah mumbled a silent prayer.  Skeptical but obedient he bent and picked up the saw and began to cut the timber that would be the back bone of the great ark.  Noah had been instructed to build the ark, for soon the global weather pattern would change and catastrophic consequences would befall the people.  The people had been warned to change their ways, but to no avail.  The rains would begin soon.

Now, just as in days passed the people are being warned of a great change in the weather.

“The time for denial is over” proclaims our modern day Noah.
In spite of the blue sky; have faith the rain is coming.

In fact –

The rain has already begun – sea levels are rising, coast lines are shrinking, we have record draught, spreading famine and storms are growing stronger and stronger with each passing year.

Be worried very worried.  Ignore the record cold that has gripped the planet – ignore the mountains of snow and ice.  The climate is crashing, “Global Warming Is Upon Us”.

Have faith ‘O unbeliever.  Do not despair, for faith is evidence of things not seen.  Suspend your intellect – deny your education – have the faith of a child.  Repent and turn from your wicked ways.

Go Green!

That’s right join the Church of Green, become a Greenie.

As a Greenie you too will be able to practice the tenets of the worlds other great religions.
You will have a belief in a higher power
Your very own rituals and laws
Pastors, priests, elders and prophets
A promise of a better life to come
Of coarse you will believe that only your religion is the way that leads to that better life.

And as a bonus you will be able to deny the existence of God –

For you have Al Gore and if you are really, really good you might get invited to his mansion.

All I ask is – Please pay for your religion with your own damn money.

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