By David Schussler


There is no doubt that all of the industrial practices, commuting practices, and recreational practices of humankind worldwide is causing pollution of some kind or depleting natural resources. The degradation of the air we breathe, especially in industrial, urban areas is horrible. The costs, expenses, and collateral pollution problems involved in energy production for society is outrageous but, energy is in popular demand.

As a nation and as a thoughtful and technologically versed world we can and are doing what we can to make life more pleasant and economical for ourselves but can we change global warming?

The planet according to all scientists is now, and has always, gone through cyclical climactic changes that have at times wreaked havoc with the planets atmosphere, weather, and consequential physical and anthropological transformations. Even when, and especially when, there was no industry on this Earth, the planet underwent the greatest of changes that are known by science and history.

We are struggling now to curb greenhouse gasses, CO2 emissions, etc. but it has been proven time and again that compared to natures own forces and the nature and power of the universe, i.e. proximity of the sun, eruption of volcanoes, and other factors, that what mankind does on earth is nothing but a “fart in the wind” with regard to global warming.

There are no computer models that can go far enough back in history to determine comparatively what natural forces can do in relation to what human irresponsibility can affect. The geological and anthropological studies of the planet and its atmosphere show that it has gone through many immense transformations including global warming long before mankind existed. It is cyclical and natural. There is no need to panic. There is only need to achieve a better quality of life for all people. A life that is thoughtful and includes a holistic way of thinking. This is only logical. As a nation and as a world we must seek out new and cleaner energy sources since what we have now pollutes and is being depleted.

All energy sources have a drawback and downside unless you are sailing a boat. Take wind energy, for instance. Just in the manufacture of the windmill there is a lot of conventional energy consumed and resources used. The windmills block views and cause a lot of noise pollution. They also break down frequently and need a lot of attention and repair. There is an incredible amount of pollution involved in the manufacture of batteries for electric powered anything and they are in constant need of replacement. Silicon disc solar panels are manufactured in a highly contaminated facility, etc, etc. There is an environmental and/or health cost for everything we manufacture somehow. Without returning to the simple life that our ancestors knew before the industrial and technological revolutions, there is no way to achieve that kind of clean environment, so why not accept that? We as the human race must have faith that as long as we do the best that we can, looking out for the well being of our families and neighbors, we will survive.

Take a hard look at today’s purveyors of ecological doom and you will always see an ulterior motive. Whether it is ego enhancement, political attention, public attention, or whether it has a money trail, it is always there. Scientists know that logic and common sense always prevail. The facts always out themselves and society will realize that there is no need to panic. That in the larger scheme of life according to all scientific data what man can effect on global warming at its worst is nothing but a “fart in the wind”.

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