The cornerstone of the Anthropogenic Global Warming fable is that there is consensus within the scientific community. The “green” political class has forced the myth of “consensus” upon the world along with a constant diet of horror-to-be stories which serve only to drive reason from the debate.

We are today facing a “green” political dogma so extreme, that it seeks to quell debate and even scientific research … unless of course they serve to underpin the myth of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

So it is that critically important facts remain hidden from the general population … hidden because of a socialist-green utopian mindset within the press, academia, and political elite; a mindset hell bent on shoving its dogma upon the world regardless of the facts. So, while the underpinnings of AGW are eroded daily by a thousand cuts, the green political class becomes ever more strident.

One cut occured today, when it was revealed that over 500 scientists have published evidence that runs contrary to Anthropogenic Global Warming theory. In the least, this fact knocks the stuffing out of the straw man of “consensus” … but will the general public even have the opportunity to hear about or read about this fact? I doubt it:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A new analysis of peer-reviewed literature reveals that more than 500 scientists have published evidence refuting at least one element of current man-made global warming scares. More than 300 of the scientists found evidence that 1) a natural moderate 1,500-year climate cycle has produced more than a dozen global warmings similar to ours since the last Ice Age and/or that 2) our Modern Warming is linked strongly to variations in the sun’s irradiance. “This data and the list of scientists make a mockery of recent claims that a scientific consensus blames humans as the primary cause of global temperature increases since 1850,” said Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Dennis Avery.

First published @ Celestial Junk

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