And today we see more of the claims of Global warming, with little solid fact to back this stuff up. If we were to have jumped at such fear-mongering every time some group found a quick way to get notoriety, Where would we be today? Still living in caves?

So far we have heard that the Ice in Greenland was melting , although this was just in one area, and as always, it turned out to be volcanic in nature, having nothing to do with the weather. This was not the first time this has been seen, but shows excellently how the GW (Global Warming) proponents refuse to look at existing data before spouting their fear. In the sixties, it was found that the reason for the ice melts then, which started in the 50’s, was because of underground magma pools. These in Greenland come close to the surface, and cause the ground to “warm’, thus melt the ice. It is a common cycle in Greenland, and one the GW proponents don’t want you to know about.

Back in the 1200’s when the Vikings landed on Greenland (which was green with open pastures then) named it for the vast green fields they found. By the mid to late 1200’s, the ice from the Antarctic grew to encompass Greenland so that it became increasingly hard to get ships to the people. The settlers had to eventually pack up and sail out, or stay and fight the freezing weather. Those that stayed, vanished, so we have little clue what happened to them.

Now by the 1400’s one could easily sail around and even too Greenland, as all that ice melted, and not one country drowned because of it.

In fact land mass has had limited change throughout that whole time period, not near the amount of change the GW proponents would have you believe will happen now. In fact the ice melts and increases have had limited effect on the land mass throughout history. What has had an effect has been rain.

Yes even in the prehistoric times we now know there was rain, and in some periods, has had so much at times it has flooded vast amounts of land. Other times it has been so much to completely dry it out in to deserts, or very humid regions that supported tons of life.

So in effect, ice melts and increases have been a normal aspect of the life on Earth, not new, or even that destructive. We even know from ice cores that CO2 changes to an increased amount after a cold cycle, and not before one. Most of what you hear from the so called experts supporting GW, is known and does not support their claims, not even closely.

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