For years a certain loveable radio talk show host (whose talent is on loan from God) has said that it’s arrogant and presumptuous to think humanity has had any impact on the Earth’s temperature. It looks like he was right.

The argument that proponents of the man-based global warming theories present is so seductively simple that people indoctrinated on self-loathing and guilt are sure to buy in. It goes something like this:

  • Mankind is bad.
  • Mankind drives cars (which is bad)
  • Cars burn gas (which is bad)
  • Cars emit carbon dioxide (yep, bad)
  • Therefore Mankind (bad) is making the planet get hotter (also bad) so we should all telework and carpool in Priuses (or Priusii if you prefer).

There are just a few problems with the global warming theory, as I shall gleefully outline based on information from Professor Bob Carter of the James Cook University.

  1. Despite a 4% increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide (bad), no ground-based warming has occurred since 1998.
  2. Low atmosphere satellite measurements show no increase in global temperature since 1979, although atmospheric carbon dioxide (bad) has increased 17% since then.
  3. Solar studies strongly indicate that the Earth’s temperature will begin to drop after the current static period.

Huh? You mean Al Gore, creator of the Internet, has us all in an inconvenient tizzy over something that doesn’t exist? Well, it’s worse than that. Since 1990, we’ve spent an adjusted $60 billion studying the problem and we’ve failed to prove any human-based cause for global warming. We haven’t even proved global warming! We’re about to waste even more money on a carbon trading program.

I can’t say what the truth is, but the facts –those pesky little things that should determine how we proceed living lives in reality- do not show any correlation between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.

In related news, President Bush, in an unmitigated attempt to once-and-for-all pacify liberal tree-huggers, announced plans for a military attack on global warming.

There are plenty of good reasons to conserve energy and to preserve the environment (as long as it’s not at the cost of human life), so why do Uncle Al and his Band of Hairy Men insist on trying to scare people? I’m sick of folks trying to scare me into doing what they think is right! Aren’t you?

Global Warming
Even with all the hot air coming from politics, mankind is not causing global temperatures to rise.

Special thanks to Christine Ghattas for her research assistance and other contributions to this post.

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