(London, UK) Thousands of people are expected at the Global Day of Prayer scheduled to be held on Pentecost Sunday on 27th May 2007 at West Ham Football Club in London. People from the Disability Community are also expected at this event – the organisers are focusing on praying for London, the United Kingdom and the World.

The line up includes Noel Robinson, Graham Kendrick, Cathedral Choir, Tim Hughes, Muiywa, Mark Beswick, Geraldine Latty, All Souls Orchestra, Patty Boulaye, Dave Bilbrough and Subhash Gill.

‘The churches in London are giving so much today. The Global Day of Prayer is a great opportunity for us all to unite. I warmly invite all Christians to East London on 27th May, to worship and pray together at Upton Park,’ said Stephen Timms MP for East Ham and Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

The organisers of Autism Sunday have backed the Global Day of Prayer event at West Ham Football Club in London, UK.

Tickets for the event are available on the day at West Ham FC. Doors open at 2 p.m.

For further information on the Global Day of Prayer please access the UK website:


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