A Glendale CA couple Changed From a Water-Guzzling Lawn

They changed it to a lovely Drought-resistant Oasis

Then the City Inspectors Came After the Couple

Nanny State Alive and Well in Glendale, California 

When a couple decided to change their water guzzling lawn into a lovely, low maintenance drought resistant oasis, they were shocked when the Glendale California Yard Cops came calling.

Unaware of a city ordinance which requires 40% of your lot to be fully landscaped,the couple was cited by the Neighborhood Services Department for having too much paving and not enough plants.

After they missed an appointment with an inspector they were slapped with another ordinance violation, “Pursuant to BSC V5.1001.8.2,” said the notice, “the paint on the exterior windows, frames, sills, doors is peeling/flaking, a substandard condition.”

After being billed $148 for city inspections, the couple, Pete Anderson and Sally Browder, went to meet with a Neighborhood Services administrative analyst.

The couple brought photos of other houses in the neighborhood who had as much or more pavers in their front yard. When the analyst demanded the photos they refused to turn them over. The analyst also warned them they had 90 days to get their lawn back to “no brown, all green.
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Glendale, CA to Couple: Change Lawn or Face Criminal Charges 


Glendale, CA to Couple: Change Lawn or Face Criminal Charges

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