A leading housebuilder that operates in the North East of England has recently donated money to a number of community charities and projects, including a group that was set up to help the victims of mesothelioma and their families. The money was split between a number of charities including the North East Mesothelioma Self Help Group.

An official from the charity, Chris Kighton, said: “I know just how valuable such a group is to people whose lives have been affected by the asbestos cancer. I have seen the number of members grow year on year and I’m seeing more than 30 people regularly travel as far as County Durham to attend the monthly meeting. We have tirelessly raised the profile of the charity across the region and from the feedback I know just how important it is to be able to help sufferers start rebuilding lives when their loved ones are no longer here.”

She added: “The charity offers a much needed community for our members where they can come together, share their stories, learn from others, listen to guest speakers which we organise and through our social calendar have some fun too. Monies kindly donated by Gladedale will enable us to meet the needs of our current and future members.”

A spokesperson for the housebuilding firm stated: Gladedale is committed to helping improve the lives of people. We can achieve this through the homes that we design and build and where and when possible make positive in-roads by helping improve local amenities and services that are needed. On this occasion we felt that Chris’s work is making a meaningful impact on many lives throughout the entire region. Through our monetary donation we hope that the charity’s profile will be raised enabling many others to become aware of the support that can be offered.”

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