Zhang Wenjing, a leading Chinese glaciologist has said that the world’s glaciers could neutralize the effects of global warming, by absorbing heat, which would help in curbing the rapid increase in global temperatures. Glaciers remain as the largest source of fresh water in this planet and the second largest reservoir of water, next to the oceans. Glaciers are found in every continent and they serve as regulators of global temperature. Zhang and his team, comprising of scientists from China, India, Nepal and Bhutan, are on a month-long scientific expedition to the northern and southern slopes of Himalayas. This team is studying the impact of global warming on the Himalayan Glaciers, which are the second largest glacier cluster in the world. 


Even though, the rise in global temperatures triggered by global warming has led to the dwindling of glaciers, Zhang feels that the heat absorbed during the melting process could negate the effects of global warming, by checking the rise in temperatures. He added that the world’s 20 square million kilometers of glaciers and vast oceans will not let the global temperatures to increase rapidly. However, according to a WWF report, the Himalayan glaciers are retreating by 10 to 15 meters every year, due to the increase in global temperatures and it could have a serious impact on the region’s social, economic and ecological environment, since they are an important source of water that regulates the region’s ecosystem.

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