Is anyone surprised at the total lack of class shown by Barbara Streisand during her most recent concert?  If she is going to dish out politically based anti-Bush garbage at a concert where the average ticket price is $240, then surely she should be able to take a little flack in return.  In the words of Laura Ingraham, “Shut Up and Sing!”


Why is it acceptable for these cultural icons to behave in such a ridiculous manner?  I personally can’t imagine going to one of her concerts in the first place.  Secondly I can’t imagine paying $240 for a ticket to anyone’s concert.  Absurd.  Thirdly, I can’t imagine paying that kind of money to go hear someone rant and rave about their political ideals…when they are supposed to be a SINGER!  Give us a break Babs!  Behave.


Read another man’s opinion on Barbara’s ridiculous behavior here.

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