Well at least that is what Rudy Giuliani would have us think after the air waves started buzzing with news of accounting malpractices during his tenure as Mayor of New York surfaced yesterday. The Giuliani camp are scrambling in ‘damage control’ mode. Giuliani himself claimed “This story is five years old. It came out two hours before a debate. It’s a typical political hit job with only half the story told.”

Of course he is right, but what is the other half of the story? That seems to be the half of the story that is much more interesting. The Giuliano firemen are taking the tactic that there was nothing unusual about the accounting process used in funding the security detail, using the ‘everyone else does it’ argument, but what they are deafeningly quiet about is what the purpose of the trips were. Maybe it is pure coincidence it was to where his then mistress was living.

Giuliani may be the target of a ‘hit job’ but he certainly has some explaining to do. I’ll bet his campaign elves are burning the candle at both ends trying to come up with a plausible story as you read this.

The Republican party are already behind the GW Bush ‘8 Ball’, Bush’s approval rate can only be measured with an electron microscope, so any hint of scandal is the next batch of presidential hopefuls is about as welcome as foot fungus at a wine grape pressing contest.

Simon Barrett


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