Rudy Giuliani’s campaign may be waiting for the other shoe to drop in the one hundred million dollar wrongful termination civil suite filed by former Harper publisher Judith Regan against media baron Sir Rupert Murdoch.

She hints in court documents oodles of skulduggery and illegal cover up occurred over at FOX news in respect to a torrid affair she had with disgraced New york police commissioner Bernard Kerik. 

Did Sir Rupert direct FOX to actively assist in supporting former New York mayors bid for president which would be a serious federal crime?

Ms. Regan was both a power house conservative and Queen of the mainstream publishing world. Till Sir Rupert fired her for the unexpected bad press generated when she agreed to publish O.J. Simpson’s “If i did it” novel last year.

The law suite claims it will provide evidence that executives ordered her to lie to federal investigators about those afternoon sexual romps with the commish. Which allegedly took place in a downtown condo purchased to provide some well dissevered sleep and respite for the heroic fire fighters in the after math of the 9-11 clean up.

Ms, Regan claims that Fox was frantic with worry, that Giuliani’s close friendship with Kerik might create fallout if the public learned one of Giuliani most trusted friends and advisers was using resources set aside for the heroes of 9-11 to facilitate a torrid sexual affair

lawyers for both sides have spent nearly a year attempting to settle the suite quietly and were unable to reach an amount that satisfied Ms, Reagan so its off to court

While tawdry sexual revelations are nothing new in American Politics, If Ms, Regan presents evidence Sir Rupert’s FOX NEWS engaged in campaign support activity at the corporate level as she claims. 

Those federal licenses that allow foreign born Sir Rupert to control a vast media empire, could be revoked in a heart beat. That Sir Rupert’s people have been attempting for a year to settle suggests they have had at least a taste of the evidence she will make public.

I speculate Sir Rupert would not risk his empire over a paltry hundred million dollar pay off. Ms. Reagan’s dirt must be more damaging to Giuliani then Murdock.

While the formality of filing is a done deal, in civil disputes its often a tactical move to hit the court house steps to force the end game in protracted negotiations. So Sir Rupert could still decide to pony up a payoff. While Giuliani is probably wishing the commish would decide to spend the next year on an extended vacation in the Bahamas far out of the reach of any civil subpoenas.

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