Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani hired a Catholic priest to work in his consulting firm just a few months after three men, two of whom were students and one, an altar boy, accused him of sexual molestation.


Monsignor Alan Placa, longtime friend of Giuliani and the priest who officiated at Giuliani’s wedding to Donna Hanover, has been placed on leave and told by the Roman Catholic Church to stop performing his priestly duties or appearing in public in ecclesiastical garb. These are strong measures taken by the Church after years of doing nothing and hushing up the problem of pedophile clergy in their midst. 

Though Monsignor Placa has not been convicted of child molestation, many suspect that he may indeed be a pedophile. Mayor Guiliani has defended Monsignor Placa, saying, “I know the man; I know who he is, so I support him. We give some of the worst people in our society the presumption of innocence and benefit of the doubt, and, of course, I’m going to give that to one of my closest friends.” 

How could Mayor Guiliani defend and employ such a man? How could a pedophile worm his way into the confidence of Rudy Guiliani? 

Mayor Guiliani is not the first person, nor will he be the last, to be duped by a pedophile. Pedophiles are the most charming of men (statistics are that 96% of child sex abusers are men,) even more charming than wife beaters and serial killers. That is not a flippant remark. Psychopaths manipulate normal people easily because they have neither morals nor remorse, and most pedophiles have strong psychopathic traits. 

This is a warning for the rest of us: if a pedophile can fool Presidential candidate Mayor Guiliani into publicly supporting him, they can charm you into believing they are harmless, and they can manipulate your children into allowing the abuse and keeping it a secret from you. 

TK Kenyon is the author of RABID: A Novel, called “a genre-bending story, part thriller, part literary slapdown” in a Booklist Starred Review.




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