Joe Francis, founder of the Girls Gone Wild video series, is facing yet another lawsuit.  Two girls out of Florida are suing Francis because footage of them containing sexual content was included in the newest videos of the series without their consent. 

The girls claim that they were enticed into the GGW tour bus–which has GIRLS GONE WILD painted on the side–and were given alcoholic beverages despite being underage.  After consuming the alcohol, the pair claims that they were coerced into sexual behavior and, although the camera was rolling, insisted the footage never be made public.  Even if they had given permission, they claim the footage was improperly obtained, as they were underage girls under the influence of alcohol.

For those of you not familiar, Girls Gone Wild is a video series showcasing topless women, usually of the college-age, partying variety.  Typically, the girls are advertised as getting wilder by the video. 

But then, most everyone is familiar or aware of GGW, aren’t they?  No matter what moral standard you hold yourself to compared to that of Joe Francis, you cannot deny that most everyone, especially within the party atmosphere, knows of GGW.  Those two girls knew who owned that bus and what the bus was for.  Even if they did not, did these girls not have enough self-control to refuse beverages they knew they could not legally drink? 

Those representing GGW insist that they check everyone’s I.D. upon boarding the bus.  That may be true, and they very well be of legal age to appear on a GGW video.  They were girls out for a party, and they very well may have been offered drinks despite their ages.  I’m not saying I agree with anything of that nature.

However, their argument holds no weight.  Why would anyone board the bus knowing that GGW did nothing but film and release footage of a sexual nature?  Why would anyone participate and not think, since there is a cameraman filming them, that they had a chance of appearing on a video?  Why would anyone not wanting to be filmed for the public allow a cameraman to be present?  Why would anyone accept an alcoholic beverage knowing that they were too young to be drinking?

Some of the answers may seem obvious, but that’s just the point.  Can we as a people keep blaming every negative aspect of a man’s business on him because we do not agree with what the man does?  When will we, as a people, bring back the idea of taking personal responsibility for one’s actions?  The most these girls have a case for is if indeed the GGW crew offered alcoholic beverages to people they knew to be underage.

Not that Francis is without understandable legal entanglements.  You can read about this and other lawsuits here:  

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